First Time Boat Buying Checklist

Boats and yachts for saleTime to put aside the excitement of looking for that new boat for sale or driving your new boat out on the seas and consider if you will all the things that go into being a boater. There is so much more than jumping in the boat and making lasting memories with your friends, all of which we are going to briefly touch on in this article. Consider all the things that go into owning a boat and having a safe time out on the water.

Here is your first time boat buying checklist from

Carefully consider all the costs involved with owning a boat. Besides the money you will have to lay out for the boat and trailer, here is a short list of a few things you will be paying for this year. If you keep the boat at a marina, there are dock fees, membership fees, costs to winterize the boat, not to mention repairs throughout the year.

There are going to be charges for permits, insurance, license, and all the safety gear you have to invest in. Each person on the boat must have a life jacket, so plan on loading up on plenty of boat safety gear.

Each time that you go out on the boat, you are responsible for the safety of each passenger. Unlike driving a car where you can flag someone for help, there is no one for miles to help when trouble strikes on the boat. The best thing you can do is to register for a boating safety class. That way you can spring to action when a number of situations arise out on the sea.

There is quite a lot that goes into preparing the boat for the day on the water and putting it away for the night. Talk with friends who own boats so you can get better acquainted with all that is needed of your time to keep your boat in the best shape.

Boating school is another good investment because you need to know how to read the signs out on the water, as well as navigating different weather conditions that could spring up in a moments notice. The depth of the water affects the safety of your boat, so investing in a depth finder and learning to read it is essential too.

If you can get through this checklist and still have that rush of adrenaline coursing through your body, you are right in line for making the most of the boating lifestyle.