4 Simple HVAC Tips for the New Homeowner

All that money you invested in your new home could be just the start if you are not paying close attention to the operation of your HVAC system. Just like the engine in your car, if you are not maintaining the system regularly, then you are going to be spending a ton of money to get the system operational again.

Barrus Heating & Air of Summerville SC brings us a few tips for the new homeowner that help you get the most out of the HVAC system. Please visit them for your air conditioning repair Charleston SC area.

AC Repairs Charleston SEIt might seem like a menial task, but changing the air filters in your HVAC system can actually help to extend the life of your system for many years to come. Regardless if you have one or a half-dozen air filters, it is very important that you change them. At the least, inspect them once a month and replace them no longer than three months. Clogged filters make your HVAC system work harder to push treated air through the duct work. When the system has to work harder, more of those moving parts will begin to break down more easily.

Just because you are not using a room in the house, don’t think shutting the air vent will save you some energy costs. The fact is that when you close the vent, the air handler begins to work harder to push the air down that network of vents. The system doesn’t know to stop sending treated air just because the vent is closed. Leave all the vents open and the system will operate smoothly and cost you less in repairs over the years.

Run your hand over the air handler in your home and feel for any treated air escaping the casing. If you feel anything, that is money slipping out of the system and means the overall HVAC system is working that much harder to maintain the desired temperature. Grab some duct tape and seal up those openings so the treated air is getting inside the rooms of the house.

Make sure that the HVAC fan outside has clearance around all sides. If bushes or branches can get into the fan, it could cause the blades to get stuck. The fan should have a clearing of a few feet on all sides, and if you spot any debris in the top or inside the fan, remove tit and keep the fans spinning freely.

Keep these HVAC tips in mind and you will be able to get many more years out of a very costly system.